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Based on the Nigerian Content Development Policy, 90% FEED and Detailed Engineering Design for onshore and offshore facilities in Nigeria are to be done by Nigerians and also about 80% of fabrication and construction are to be done by Nigerians; this excellent policy of the Federal Government has created a lot of employment opportunities for Nigerians both Artisans and Professionals in the oil and gas sector.

Unfortunately, the young graduate Engineers, Technologists, and Senior School Certificate holders have little or no exposures in the oil and gas industry.

To that effect KOHASA has taken up the responsibility of equipping the youths with the right skills and certifications required to fit in properly in the oil and gas industry.


KOHASA training courses are in various modules and cover both the fundamentals and the software applications. The training halls and classes are always equipped with training aids such as the computers, white boards, furniture, projectors e.t.c, for effective learning. Use of illustrations is another means used by KOHASA to impact knowledge to the trainees.